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General Audiences:
PERSONS 12-49.
Network Add-On w/
Potential Prime-Time or
Original Digital Series
viewers of:
Modern Family
Two and a Half Men
About a Boy
Last Man Standing
As the modern American family continues to take new shapes and find new forms opportunities abound for a television series that takes all sides and forms into account. Dad, Inc. holds endless ability to engage every kind of family life in a new, fresh and comedic fashion. With shows like Modern Family winding down, there is a need in the marketplace for Dad, Inc. Especially given the rising tide of a single father demographic that only ten years ago, was nearly non-existent. Yet, now numbers in the 2,000,000+ and climbing. This represents an opportunity on the rise. Given that the primary characters are mostly single parents, it reflects a rapidly growing set of American sensibilities and an ever-increasing demographic of single parents (who also happen to be the ones that employ media the most with their families)